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17.03.21 | Cosmetics


Our supplier Berg + Schmidt has developed the SmartLipids, a submicron particle with liposoluble actives. It consists of solid and liquid fat compounds, which stabilises the active substance. The melting point is higher than the skin temperature, which allows a continuous release of the active to the skin and shows the following benefits:

  • Restoration of the skin barrier
  • Enhanced penetration of the active substance
  • Simple handling

Currently, we offer the following SmartLipids range:

  • Retinol or Q10: anti-aging
  • Glabridin: whitening
  • Ceramide: skin protection and restoration

The SmartLipids Ceramide is COSMOS-compliant and efficacy tests are available.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Dr. Christoph Capiaghi

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