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Global, multilingual – everywhere and in all languages, always with one common goal: as a trading company, we offer our customers tailor-made chemical solutions. We supply Switzerland and Austria with exclusive products from 20 foreign manufacturers. Due to our global network, we are closer to the market, closer to the customers and closer to the target audience. As a subsidiary of the Zschimmer & Schwarz Group, a chemical company with a long tradition, we share its values and vision as well as the responsibility for humans and the environment. Flexibility, creativity, expertise, customer service and reliability make up our formula for success, which drives trust-based cooperation with our customers and suppliers. Offering a wide range of products, in-depth technical assistance, on-site and trade fair engagement as well as multilingual marketing support, we are a partner that customers count on in the long term. From international logistics to market-driven pricing to licensing support – as a fully integrated service provider based in Kloten, Switzerland, right in the heart of Europe, we have been offering “Chemistry tailor-made” since 1995.

Management / Nikolaos Pliakas

For someone who does not work in our industry, it is hard to imagine that we are consistently surrounded by chemistry no matter where we are. Unless you are snorkelling at this very moment, I’m ready to bet that four of the next five objects you will touch have been chemically treated in one way or another.

The chemical industry offers boundless possibilities. Once you get into it, you are bound to be held in its thrall. It is this passion that we share with our business partners. Our contribution is based upon the Kaizen concept, coupled with entrepreneurial spirit and creativity. Going forward, I will continue to steer our team in this direction. I remain at your disposal should you have any suggestions, praise or complaints. Unless, of course, you’re still out snorkelling!

Nikolaos Pliakas


Any industry that aspires to operate in a modern and sustainable manner in the 21st century must be increasingly aware of its responsibility. This is what customers want, this is what reality demands, this is what we owe to future generations. And it is where the chemical industry, in particular, can assume a leadership role, conserving our resources, protecting the environment and advancing innovation. Our company is ready to rise to this challenge – for the sake of our future.



Virtually no other industry is as fast-paced as the chemical industry. Across the globe and around the clock, the formula for future success is being perfected. Especially in this dynamic and challenging environment, it is important for us to be aware of our roots and to consistently act with foresight. Guided by our established values, we shape the progress of the chemical industry in the tradition of our company. This is how we create “chemistry tailor-made” for our customers.